Student Scientific Symposium, 17 to 18 May 2024




The STUDENT SCIENTIFIC SYMPOSIUM constitutes a scientific manifestation with a certain tradition organized by the University Politehnica of Timisoara and the Faculty of Engineering of Hunedoara. The symposium takes place during two days and represents an occasion to intensify and to extend the collaboration between the Faculty of Engineering of Hunedoara and other faculties and universities from Romania. It is also a good opportunity to demonstrate the quality and the scientific level of the students and the teaching performance in the Faculty of Engineering of Hunedoara.

In his quality as host, the Faculty of Engineering of Hunedoara has demonstrated consistency, maintaining the good tradition of previous editions and the experience as an excellent organizer for technical and scientific events at student, scientific and academic level. The past editions certify the scientific level of research developed in Faculty of Engineering of Hunedoara. We believe that this dedication to high standards will always provide a benefit for students, professors and participants.

The event will be attended by representative students and professors of the Faculty of Engineering of Hunedoara, from other faculties of the University Politehnica Timisoara and students from other universities in the country. This scientific exchange of information aims to harness the knowledge and research interests in the field of engineering, management and fundamental sciences and represents a way of affirming their professional development.

Beginning with the first edition, at a celebratory ceremony, diplomas of participation is granted to all students who have sustained communication and every section shall make the awarding of the best works submitted.



STUDENT SCIENTIFIC SYMPOSIUM organized every year at the Faculty of Engineering of Hunedoara, will be focused at developing research areas included in the sections of the event, displaying the actual levels of knowledge reached at student and teaching level. Such an event represents a manifestation that came to support student activities and University, which aims to mean the following:

• An opportunity for opening up to other universities, cooperation projects for students and professionals alike;
• An event where students can exhibit their achievements in areas where they are performing;
• Integration into a circuit of collaborations between academic student in the country, promoting the encounter between students and the development of professional relations, cultural, sporting and interpersonal;
• To stimulate creativity, exposure potential accumulated in the years of their studies, the development of new capacity and ideas in an organized setting.


The STUDENT SCIENTIFIC SYMPOSIUM has the following objectives:

• Integration of the faculty into a circuit of student collaborations between academic centers in the country;
• To promote the openness toward other universities, the development of new directions of research and collaborative projects;
• To encourage and to support the creativity and scientific interest in technological learning for students;
• Exposure of the students ' achievements in areas where they are studying now, and they are prepared to evolve in the future;
• To promote research results from academia and students;
• To identify new research topics and new research directions tailored by the economy, industry and romanian education;
• To promote this symposium as a national event and to build the appropriate framework for academic cooperation and participation of non-member or member of the European Community.

Event supported by:

 Hunedoara County Council

Hunedoara County Council

 Municipality of Hunedoara

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The General Association of Engineers in Romania (AGIR) - Hunedoara branch

 lOGO agir

Counseling Center and Career Guidance

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SC Memory SRL

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Event organized by:

Politehnica University of Timișoara


Faculty of Engineering Hunedoara

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Students League from the Faculty of Engineering Hunedoara

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